Gas turbine "Solarization" - Modifications for solar/fuel hybrid operation



Gas turbine "Solarization" - Modifications for solar/fuel hybrid operation


Achieving solar produced electricity at a reasonable price with large utility-size units is a worldwide goal. This can be achieved by high efficiency systems and hardware cost reduction. The ORMAT Brayton cycle solar hybrid gas turbine is a step in this direction. ORMAT took part in several solar projects in which it contributed to the "solarization" of the complete power block. This paper describes the main tasks involved in solarization, and includes experimental test results where helicopter turboshaft gas turbines were used. The paper reviews several solar projects and mainly the SOLGATE project during the years 2001-2003. During 2002-2003 the turbine was operated in Spain, combined with three volumetric receivers. The initial goal of achieving 800degreesC at the receiver outlet was achieved and is reported on below. The successful tests have encouraged the continuation of work using gas turbines of 10 MW and above, which has already commenced.


Uri Fisher, Chemi Sugarmen, Arik Ring, Joseph Sinai



Journal Of Solar Energy Engineering-Transactions Of The Asme