For Quick Categorization, what if multiple categories contained in the article?

Choose the category that is likely more dominate.

How should I categorize a review paper?

For Quick Categorization purposes, choose the category that is likely the dominate one. For detailed data entry, select all that apply.

What do you consider to be Catalysis, Light Management, and Functional Devices?

Here are some examples of each category:

Catalysis: chemical reactions that involve a catalytic piece; not including biological processes (this will be included in the next phase of development). Examples: oxidation reactions, reduction reactions, hydrogen evolution, oxygen evolution, CO2 reduction, hydrogenation, ect…
Light Management: anything that has to do with photons; converting them into electricity, photovoltaics (all types), charge separation, donor-acceptor systems, molecular excited states, photo-induced electron transfer events (non-catalytic), light conditioning, focusing, diffracting, diffusing, collimating, ect…
Functional Devices: FUEL forming devices, no matter the scale; devices that produce fuels such as, hydrogen, formate, ethanol, methanol, syn-gas, ect…

What do you mean by Electorcatalytic/Photocatalytic/Photoelectrocatalytic?

Electrocatalytic: uses a source of current to create a product from starting materials and the catalyst, no photons are involved. Consider this to represent “Electroactive” items.
Photocatalytic: uses photons only to create a product using only starting materials and the catalyst. Consider this to represent “Photoactive” items.
Photoelectrocatalytic: uses both photons and current to create a product from starting materials and the catalyst. Consider this to represent “Photoelectroactive” items.

Is a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) considered a "Functional Device"?

No, DSCs (DSSCs) belong under Light Management.

How are photovoltaics categorized?

We consider most PVs to belong under "Light Management", while they are likely devices they are not producing a fuel.

What does “Light Conditioning” mean?

Light Conditioning is focusing, refracting, reflecting, collimating, or diffusing light. This does NOT include processes like - electron transfer, energy transfer, up-conversion, ect.

What is a “Functional Device”?

SOFI considers devices that produce a fuel - be it hydrogen (H2), formic acid, methanol (CH3OH), methane (CH4), ethanol, ect to be “Functional Devices”.

Are biological systems considered “Functional Device”s?

No, at this point they fall under "Other" - we are currently working to develop a Biological Taxonomy to compliment our current Chemical Taxonomy.